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Decking Cleaning Services

A decking area should be your pride and joy – you’ve paid to have it installed, and you should be proud of it. However, many decking owners will let their decking get dirty and untidy, and what should be the focal point of their garden becomes an eyesore.

Like any outdoor space, decking can be prone to dirt, debris from trees, as well as the growth of weeds, algae, and moss – all of which can be a tough task to get rid of.

At Gutter Cleaning Wirral, our team of highly trained, skilled, and experienced technicians will ensure your decking gets as clean as possible. Using quality jet washing equipment instead of soft washing the decking ensures the job gets done quicker, and more resilient grime is cleared with ease. Our equipment is far more effective than manual cleaning equipment and does a far better job at removing mould, mildew, and other forms of fungi.

You shouldn’t just get your decking professionally cleaned when it looks dirty – you should get it cleaned at least once a year to prevent the build-up of dirt and algae, and to ensure it’s always looking as fresh as it should.

Having a clean decking and outdoor space is important if you plan on putting your house on the market, or have any house viewings planned. Somebody visiting your home will likely have a bad impression of your overall home if your decking is dirty, as it can leave the whole garden looking neglected and untidy.

It’s also recommended to have your decking professionally cleaned if you plan on painting your deck, or coating it with deck stain. If you don’t prepare the wood ahead of time, then any products you use may soak into the wood, which will reduce the effectiveness of the products, and potentially lead to wood rot.

Why Choose Us For Decking Cleaning

If your home or business is located in or near the Wirral, then we’re the best option if you need your decking cleaned.

Many people make the mistake of attempting to wash their decking themselves with a jet washer, but this can result in a damaged decking. If you use a jet washer with no experience, you may etch the wood and splinter the fibres.

You may also accidentally warp the wood, which can lead to breakage. Cleaning your decking yourself can also lead to wood rot, due to incorrect products being used, or putting sealant on before the deck has dried.

At Gutter Cleaning Wirral, we have a team of highly trained and skilled professionals with plenty of experience – so rest assured, we’ll get the job done quickly and effectively. Your decking is sure to be spotless once we’ve finished cleaning it, meaning you can enjoy your deck space without worrying about dirt and grime.

If you need anything else jet washed – whether it be your driveway, your patio, or even your roof, we offer competitive prices, making us one of the more affordable options in the region.